Hangtime Trampoline Park

On Saturday, September 8th, the 7th graders will be officially welcomed into the First Baptist Church youth group. We’ll go with the seniors to Hangtime Trampoline park in Victoria, and then we’ll come back to the church for more time of games, food, and worship with the rest of the youth group. As a welcome gift to our 7th graders and an “almost graduated” gift to our seniors, the church will be paying for the event.

In order to go:

  1. YOU MUST COMPLETE A HANGTIME WAIVER! CLICK HERE to complete a waiver online! Forward the confirmation email you receive to Ben@fbccuero.org
  2. You will also need to complete a church permission slip. Click here for the permission slip. If you don’t have a printer, permission slips will be available at the church.
  3. Sign-up in the form below.

Here’s the schedule for our hang out time!
1:00pm – Meet at First Baptist  – 7th grade & seniors
2:00 – Leave for Hang Time Trampoline Park
4:00 – Return from Hang Time Trampoline Park; Games & Food at First Baptist Church – All youth welcome!
6:00 – Worship
7:00pm – Welcome Weekend Ends

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