About Us

Our Mission Statement: 
We are here to be and make real followers of Jesus..
Living Our Story 
Since 1878, First Baptist Church has been telling people that God wants to reveal His love to them in the person of Jesus Christ. We are also linked to another congregation, the original “Cuero Baptist Church” which was formed in 1848. That church was formed by Baptists who settled in the Upper Cuero Creek Settlement. In time, that church took the name Concrete Baptist Church and was located in Concrete, Texas. After the Concrete Church building was destroyed by fire, the remaining members joined with FBCC.
Our members are followers of Jesus. We believe Jesus is God’s Son, sent to earth to bring us back into a relationship with God. We believe Jesus died to take God’s judgment for our sins, so we could be made restored to God. We also believe Jesus was raised to life as testified by the early disciples. Now Jesus  gives eternal life to all who believe in Him for salvation.
We also believe Jesus saves us not only so we can go to heaven when we die, but so we can live here and now in a new way. Followers of Jesus are apprentices of this new life which Jesus gives. The Holy Spirit enables us to live with awareness of God’s life in us. Jesus brings us a heart and life change. We are not perfect. We still make mistakes and fail every day. Yet, we are on the journey. We invite you to join the path of life too.
Our people have found that small groups and Bible study help us make this new life change. It is too easy to hide out in the large church crowd or alone in isolation avoiding change. Church is not about an institution, it is about people trying to pattern their lives after Jesus. None of us are perfect. We are all in the process of change. We encourage people to get into small groups because we become stronger as we grow together with others along the way.
During this time of the COVID virus, our church is maintaining live services as well as live-streaming. See the Media page for live-stream services. See the Donation page for making contributions.
If you have any questions about our church please contact us at info@fbccuero.org or 361-275-3401.