"Some things are best left unsaid. Sometimes the best is the truth. @Cuero the truth will set you free."

~the unknown pastor

Pastor Larry Cheesman


Larry is the Pastor of Music and Worship. He has been with First Baptist since 1999. Larry is married to Brenda. They have two sons, Matthew and James. Larry has music degrees from UT San Antonio and seminary.  Larry enjoys music, movies, reading, working outdoors, old cars and Dr. Pepper. He is an avid Spurs fan. Larry also serves on the board for Christ for the Cities, an evangelistic ministry to the people of South America.

Chromatic View Blog

What Is Pastor Larry's Chromatic View?
Music and Other Things that Matter

The little Merriam-Webster Dictionary that I keep in my desk defines “chromatic” as 1) “of or relating to color” and 2) “proceeding by half steps of the musical scale.” Chromatic can involve both what you see and what you hear. It can mean all the colors and all the notes. That summarizes my view – I want to see all of the colors and hear all of the notes.